Let’s get juicy…


Juicing, one of my most favourite things in the whole world! the most prized appliances in our house are by far our coffee machine, and our cold press juicer. I don’t know what i would do without them!

We have always offered juices at the cafe, but LOADS of research and experimentation later and we decided to delve into the world of cold-press. For those of you who know our juice menu like the back of your hand… you will know what i am talking about. for everyone else, what exactly is this cold-press that everyone is speaking about and whats so good about it?

To get there we first have to understand the “old” way. Centrifugal machines chop and spin, oxidising and heating the fruit and veg as it goes through. Because of this motion the end product/ juice is usually thick, pulpy and doesn’t contain as many nutrients as it could.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not such a pulp fan. Before the days of DIY juicing, I would scour the shopping isles for the best natural “pulp free” juice i could find. NO MORE!

Now, the cold press. As the name suggests, this machine “presses’ the fruit and vegetable instead of chopping. This motion is slower and gentler therefore the amount of heat is considerably less, the amount of nectar is higher and the end product is crisper in taste and pulp free!

Having a cold press is a great way to increase nutritional intake in your diet. We now have the ability to add things such as spinach, kale, ginger etc into our juice and know that we are getting the most from that fruit or vegetable… and it tastes GREAT!

If you know me, you know that I love a good extended juice fast. I love the clean energy that comes from it, and the great nutrients my body is receiving whilst cleaning out all of the crap!

So i thought i would share with you one of may favourite juices and some of the nutritional benefits of it. If you see me at the cafe, chances are you’ll see me and the kids (and Jason behind the machine!) sipping away on one of these bad boys. I LOVE the energy it gives me … who needs Red Bull anyway!

Its pretty simple really; Beatroot (yes that’s how i spell it), lemon, apple, ginger, turmeric, carrot, kale/spinach and if i’m feeling adventurous maybe a little mint. For me the more ginger and beats the better, but each to their own!


now… lets get into it. what does this actually target and do in my body… other than general health and wellbeing?

Apple: Ever wondered why an apple when you cut it in half looks like a 5 pointed star in the middle? It looks much like Da Vinci’s vitruvian man – 5 points of the human body. Funnily enough, this is because it targets the whole body! An apple a day might just keep the doctor away.

vitruvian man

For something that contains No fat and no calories, it tastes so damn good! it gives this juice a nice sweet taste. They contain loads of phytonutrients that can do many things include helping to regulate your blood sugar level and some even say delay ageing!

Beatroot: yes i spell it this way for a reason. The underused and underloved beatroot is great for your heart! It is in the shape of your heart, and is the colour of your blood for a reason. Beats are packed full with potassium, magnesium, beta-carotene and folate. All the stuff that supports a healthy heart and strong bones.

Lemon: Im a lemon fiend, i just love it! In salads, in water, preserved, however they come! Apart from creating some great “sour face” looks, lemons are a great energy booster and the best detoxifier! They have the unique ability to kill parasites and even dissolve gallstones. Lemons also have a great detox and support effect on the liver… after a big night out i tend to add a few more lemons to my juice! ZING!

Carrot: My mum, like most mums used to tell me that if I ate my carrots I would be able to see in the dark. Well I never developed super human night vision like I was promised, but I have got good eye sight (thanks mum). Cut a carrot in half and have a look at the cross section – it looks like an eye! The beta-carotene and other vitals all activate in the retina of the eye. Carrots are also great for improving liver function and are alkaline forming meaning that they can help bring your body back to an alkaline (non acidic) state. If it was ok for bugs bunny, it’s ok for me.

Ginger: Coming up to winter I love to double dose on the ginger. The more I drink and eat it, the more I seem to become immune to the taste so I just keep adding more! Its a weird shape, but when you look closely you can see it branches out just like the nerves in your body, and thats exactly what it targets! Ginger is also very well known for its ability to stop nausea and morning sickness and is great for aiding in digestion. It has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory of the joints. It’s also a great over-all immune booster.

Turmeric: Now this is truly a superfood! It does leave a bit of a bitter taste at the end of my juice, but it’s well worth it to get those amazing nutrients into my body! Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and is responsible for giving it it’s bright yellow colour. Turmeric is great at targeting the liver. It helps to rid and protect the liver from nasty toxins and like its friend ginger is a very powerful anti inflammatory.

Kale and Spinach: Super greens! Both kale and spinach contain massive amounts of beta carotene and lutein (kale has twice the amount of spinach) which have been shown to aid in the destruction of cancer cells. They also contain high amounts of chlorophyll, iron and vitamin A which are great for your blood and building pop-eye like muscles!

I may not be a buff muscled, night vision seeing superhero, but I am a mum and I LOVE the vitality, taste and happiness that this juice gives me.

I invite you all to try this next time yo are in… just ask for the “Bri” .

feeling the love and sending a whole lot back your way,

Bri xx