esprezzo-consultWhy we can help

“Jason and Brianna (that’s us!) are the owners of a successful cafe for 7 years and going strong! Under our passionate direction, the cafe has been successfully re-branded twice and is growing year-on-year, showing no signs of slowing down.

As active members of the Perth coffee community we believe that the cafe industry should be accessible to all, though it is more difficult that most expect. We want to help those who love the industry as much as we do to succeed by helping to remove the traps and pitfalls so that you can build a smooth-running, profitable machine.”


First trained as a chef at the age of 16 in NZ, Jason has worked in hospitality as a chef and barista for the last 25 years. Over the years he has competed in numerous barista competitions and created specialised coffee blends for the couple’s cafe in conjunction with their roaster – he is ridiculously passionate about coffee!

Having worked for both independent and franchise businesses he can see the workings, benefits and drawbacks of both and his industry knowledge allows him insight into both front and back of house – and it is this knowledge that he happily shares to help improve the Perth cafe scene.

Jason is also, in his spare time, an involved dad, doting husband and (according to Brianna) a super awesome guy!


With an all-consuming passion for the hospitality industry and for healthy food – how it affects us in our lives and the joy it offers – Brianna brings a unique perspective to the food service ‘table’, so to speak.

Over the years Brianna gained insights into the industry as a recruiter – seeing the rise and falls of venues, the difficulties of recruitment and staff training and has developed an overall picture of the Perth market. Being an owner of a thriving cafe has further added to her in-depth knowledge of all things ‘cafe’.

Oh, and Brianna was also named Winner of Perth Entrepreneur X Factor, 2014 – a sign of her ability to ‘think outside the box’ as well as her conceptual and planning capabilities.

Mother of two and a self-confessed foodie and coffee lover, Brianna’s enthusiasm is seemingly boundless!

Hello and welcome!

What’s all this about, we hear you ask!

Esprezzo Cafe Consultants is a specialised business offering new and existing cafes (and those in need of a bit of a rescue) access to years and years of experience in a collaborative approach to building better hospitality businesses – your business, in particular.

Essentially, we can help start-up cafes get off the ground, reinvigorate existing cafes with tips and hints on being successful in the current economy and cafes in need of ‘rescue’.

cardsSee something on the list below that we can help with?

  • coffee training
  • staff training
  • menu planning
  • costing of products
  • efficient ordering
  • equipment knowledge
  • suppliers and costings
  • advertising for and hiring of staff
  • marketing and branding
  • social media strategy
  • layout/flow of the cafe vs efficiency
  • assistance in the design and layout of a new cafe (from a planning point of view)

We also offer assistance through our network of specialists such as:

  • branding and design
  • legal
  • interior design
  • fit out and construction
  • financial planning
  • insurance
  • equipment finance
  • equipment maintenance
  • staff personal development and training

Access our preferred (proven and reliable) list of suppliers for everyday cafe necessities including:

  • bread
  • milk
  • grocery goods
  • packaging
  • coffee and more…

Need something that’s not on the lists above?

Chances are, we can help! Just ask… one of the businesses in our network may be the perfect fit for you.

We can’t wait to work with you to help you get started, effect change or simply improve the strength of the Perth cafe scene with another thriving coffeehouse and eatery.