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According to a Yelp survey our cafe is numbered 52 out of the top 100 coffees in AUSTRALIA!!!!!

MELBOURNE coffee is already famous but has official status as the best coffee in Australia, according to a Yelp survey.

Patricia Coffee Brewers owner Bowen Holden said he is proud to be voted to have the best coffee in Australia.

“We just try to buy really good coffee which has so much to do with creating a good coffee but we also have a very clean, methodical and consistent system,” Mr Holden said.

“The other big surprise is Western Australia, punching well above its weight with 25 businesses featured in the Top 100.”

Written by Catherine Lambert, Herald Sun

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Esprezzo… Home from Home

Over two years ago… in a pommy town… far far away… and then further than that…

A plane ticket was purchased and the big move to Perth was underway… little did I know what was waiting for me in the small suburb of Noranda.

After hassling the owners for a week or so, I eventually got the call I was waiting for… this was to be the start of a great journey.

Being so far from home and family was hard at times, but the amazing staff @ Esprezzo made me feel so welcome, for this I am forever grateful.

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Let’s get juicy…

Juicing, one of my most favourite things in the whole world! the most prized appliances in our house are by far our coffee machine, and our cold press juicer. I don’t know what i would do without them!

We have always offered juices at the cafe, but LOADS of research and experimentation later and we decided to delve into the world of cold-press. For those of you who know our juice menu like the back of your hand… you will know what i am talking about. for everyone else, what exactly is this cold-press that everyone is speaking about and whats so good about it?

To get there we first have to understand the “old” way. Centrifugal machines chop and spin, oxidising and heating the fruit and veg as it goes through. Because of this motion the end product/ juice is usually thick, pulpy and doesn’t contain as many nutrients as it could.

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A Warm Hello From Esprezzo!

Sitting here, and I’m not quite sure what to write – I have never “blogged” before! … Please go easy on me!

All i can think about is how grateful I am (and i know I can speak for Jason here too) to have such supportive and loyal customers who continue to inspire us and keep us going every day.

It has been 7 years now (!!), and although the days have been long, the years have seemed to roll into one big blur. A blur filled with some great memories all of which have been shared with you, our extended family.

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