A Warm Hello From Esprezzo!


Sitting here, and I’m not quite sure what to write – I have never “blogged” before! … Please go easy on me!

All i can think about is how grateful I am (and i know I can speak for Jason here too) to have such supportive and loyal customers who continue to inspire us and keep us going every day.

It has been 7 years now (!!), and although the days have been long, the years have seemed to roll into one big blur. A blur filled with some great memories all of which have been shared with you, our extended family.

Shortly after we opened, we got married, then we had our first child Cruz, then our second Indigo. You were all there to share in the happiness with us.

Never have i felt such love from (at one stage) strangers. It uplifted us and inspired us to want to give back more, create more and grow our business so it is something that you can all be proud of.

Our family has been on a journey of health over the past few years and we have enjoyed bringing much of that to the cafe to share with you. Our chefs and staff are a great reflection of this. We have people who want to nourish you and make your day just that little bit better… and I hope they do!

In a few weeks time we will commence the expansion of our cafe..… YAY!! This is such an emotional project for us. We want to make sure that we get it just right for you!
We have listened to what you have been saying, and there will be lots more room to move, easier ordering and lots of little zones for you to feel at home in.

It is an amazing space that our great friend Matt Dicosta has designed for you, and we feel will showcase what we have to offer in a great new light.

We look forward to incorporating lots of new community ventures, education and appreciation of coffee and food and general good times!

In a couple of weeks time we will be launching a crowd funding campaign to help us raise the final amount we need to finish off this project. We hope that with your support we will be able to achieve this and have a little fun along the way!

I never envisaged my first “blog post” to be less “blog” and more “thank you”…. but this is that it has turned into!

so once again, Thank you!
Thank you for being you, for sharing your moments with us, for letting us become part of your family and for supporting ours.

Feeling the love and sending out some more your way,

Bri xx